The following are few among many successful stories:
Dear Dr. Liang: Itís been a year now that you treated me. I canít thank you enough on the great treatment you give me. RLS (restlessness leg syndrome) has been practically none episode. Have a Happy New Year!

Gloria W.
I suffered chronic daily headache for two years. No one can make me feel better. I was prescribed three pain killers, which made me sleepy, dizzy, and nauseous. I was referred by a friend to try Dr. Liang. Dr. Liang asked me if I suffered neck pain, I admitted that I do feel my neck stiff. When she examined my neck, I felt so sore and she told me that my headache is most likely caused by my neck problem. She ordered an x-ray and I was found to have severe cervical spine disorder. She started treatment for my neck problem with acupuncture and my headache started to going away. Now I donít get headache anymore. I am so happy that I went to Dr. Liang, and I have told everyone about Dr. Liang. Thank Dr. Liang for your help.

Pauline D.
I am a nurse; I suffered foot pain for a quiet while. I was not able to walk and work. I went to a podiatrist and I was diagnosed to have a neuroma. I decided to try acupuncture since no one can help me. I am despaired to try anything. Dr. Liang gave me about ten treatments and my neuroma is practically gone and so is my foot pain. I am so happy that I can work/walk again.

Lisa R..
I am an eighty year old lady and I had a back pain for almost two years. I went to many doctors including orthopedic doctor. MRI of my spine was done and there was nothing but arthritis. I was give pain killer, I did not like it. It did not help me. I went to Dr. Liang. She examined me and she found my painful spot. She treated me with acupuncture just one time and my pain went away more than ninety percent. It was miracle to me. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Liang. Thanks million. God bless you!

Betty B.
I suffered Bellís palsy, Dr. Liang treated me with acupuncture and I recovered completely. Recently, my wife had high fever, I thought she had flu, but after Dr. Liang s evaluation, she told me my wife has acute pylonephritis, needs to go to hospital to have IV antibiotics. She explained the risks involved. I am glad I followed Dr. Liang s advice. My wife was found to have acute pylonephritis also the bacteria even went to her blood stream. Thank god, my wife was treated on time and cured. I am glad I found a doctor I could trust. I recommend you to see Dr. Liang if you have any medical problems at all.

Peng Q
Herpes Zoster: Early recognize the symptom and early treatment with acupuncture and conventional medicine leading to early recover and avoided post-herpetic neuralgia. A patient came to Dr. Liang and told her that she had a headache on top of her head since the night before. It is like a ďsharp knife . . . it get on my nerve, it comes every few minutes and it gets meĒ. After a careful history and exam, Dr. Liang decided she has a herpes zoster infection. Dr. Liang treated her with acupuncture and along with conventional medicine. She recovered completely within three days without squeally. Another patient had pain in her thigh came to Dr. Liang. After examination, no other etiology could be found. The Dr. was suspicious that she has early symptoms of shingles. She was treated on time and recovered completely. A patient with severe asthma on singular has frequent upper respiratory infection. It triggers her severe asthma attack each time. Conventional treatment is not very effective and she has to be on large dose of steroids. Since Dr. Liang stopped the singular and treated her with Chinese herbal formulas, her severe asthma has become quiet. Follow ups after five years show that she has almost no asthma attacks.
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